Project Description

Laurie Alexandra
21 Irwell Street
St Kilda VIC 3182

We are committed to our unique philosophy of—the crazier, the better. We are full service salon and offer a wide range of personalized hair, beauty and makeup services, but we are truly dedicated to bringing out your wild and creative side. We are able to bring out your wild side, by sharing our own. We are an ostentatious, colourful unique salon filled with rainbows, unicorns, glitter and even mermaids. We incorporate whatever inspires us, and hope it inspires you!

Some salons offer fun and creative hair, beauty and makeup styles but we offer a fun and creative experience. Come in for a funky new look, but stay for the crazy snacks, drinks and interior to entertain and inspire you during every step of the creative process. Our highly trained service providers are more than stylists, they are artists. Our entire staff embraces an artistic approach to working with every client. From the first moment that you step into our salon, our wild décor allows you to lower your inhibitions and to dare to find a style that shows the world who you really are.