St Kilda, My View

Acland Photo Competition 2024

Huge congrats to our winners and finalists from St Kilda, My View Amateur Photo Competition!

Postcards have been created from our Top 6 images and you can find these in Acland Precinct businesses.

We have also created an on-street gallery from our top 19 images. Take a walk along Acland Street to see them. You can see which images are located in which businesses here.

Also below, we have created an online publication featuring the Top 6.

Press View Fullscreen below to browse the Winners.

Or press Download File to save the publication to your device.

St Kilda, My View is now closed! Join us on Sat, May 25 at 4pm in Acland Plaza for the announcement of our finalists and winners, plus the on-street gallery of photos!






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