Explore other services in Acland Village

Whether you live in St Kilda or you are visiting, there’s a whole lot of life to live, and a whole lot of services you need to take care of the day to day things that make life easier.

Acland Street Village is jam-packed with all those things that make life mean more – more fun, more convenient, more clever, more friendly, more local. Whether you need IT help, a laundry, a doctor, a massage, a spray tan, an accountant, architect or marketing agency, you’ll find every professional and personal care service you need in the Village. You’ll find most of them upstairs from the high street, beavering away to look after you.

You’ll also find a bunch of artists, publishers, film-makers and creative people who live right on your doorstep. Don’t be shy, ask them about their work too. And of course, we have a huge range of accommodation to offer travellers, from low cost to mid-range options so that you afford to stay even longer.