Favourite quick eats on Acland Street


No longer do you have to deal with a sloppy burger and soggy chips if you need a quick bite to eat. Here are some of the best places Acland Village has on offer for a quick snack or a tasty meal. The fast food game has changed, see for yourself!


GAMI Chicken & Beer -

GAMI is a restaurant specialising in Korean style fried chicken. Founder and owner ‘Rio Yoon’ has taken his extensive knowledge of Korean cooking and focused on creating the ideal recipe for fried chicken and sauces.

So what makes GAMI chicken so special? Its unique flavour is discovered after frying the powder extracted by 7 different herbs and core ingredients. The chicken is then covered in a delicious seasoning mix of 17 herbs, releasing the authentic Korean flavours.

Since opening, it has been extremely popular; receiving positive write-ups and reviews from all over Melbourne.

Wide ranges of Korean wine and imported beer are perfect to wash down that Korean Fried Chicken. You can even get a little keg of beer to sit at the end of your table.

See why half of Melbourne loves this delicious fried chicken!


Bay City Burritos -

Stop and grab lunch at Bay City Burritos. Here they aim to bring you authentic flavours straight from the Mission district of San Francisco, the spiritual home of real burritos. Forget the imitators and spineless wraps. Only real, authentic flavors are found here.

These guys offer authentic burritos and flavours staying true to the past whilst leaving room to explore the exciting possibilities of modern Mexican cooking.

They have something for everyone here with many healthy options, a great atmosphere and fast and friendly service.

Burritos are fantastic and you’ve got to try the nachos, as real as it gets!


Schnitz - 

Schnitz has become a more mainstream chain these days, but that’s only because they’ve proven themselves since their humble one-restaurant beginning in 2006.

If you’ve never tried a chicken schnitzel here you're really missing out. Polish schnitzel expert Roman Dyduk has spent years focused on the art of schnitzel making, and brought his expertise to Melbourne.

Each schnitzel is made to order, fresh and tasty. Eat it as a burger, on its own, or in a wrap, stop by for a quick meal or a snack, grab some chips and munch away.


James Robertson