Winter escapes on Acland Street Winter on Acland, It's getting hot!

A fun day in the sun is great; St Kilda has long been established as a unique, interesting and lively summer location.

Well what’s happening in the winter?

Acland St, St Kilda has also become a warm, comfortable, snug and relaxing place to come, escape and appreciate Melbourne’s winter charm.

There's so much to do at Acland Street this winter lots to taste, so much to hear and plenty to experience.

Saturday morning in Acland Village St Kilda

Saturday morning in Acland Village St Kilda

Queen's Birthday is coming up...

Queens birthday is coming up and let me guess… you forgot to get her a present? No big deal, how about you spend the money you saved down on Acland St this long weekend and show her what a real birthday party is like.

Venues all along the strip are offering amazing deals on food, drinks, cocktails and more, along with top quality entertainment, bands and DJ’s that will keep you dancing until Charlie snatches the chair.

Acland Streets going healthy - we’re loving it!

Gone are the days where being vegan or vegetarian was a hassle; no longer is it hard to find healthy, fresh and exciting food. Acland Street has quickly become one of the best places in Melbourne to come for everything from a healthy snack to a hearty meal.

We have seen a big push towards providing Vegan, Vegetarian, Super food’s, Gluten Free, Lactose Free and Sugar Free requests by customers.  Even cleanses are becoming mainstream.

‘Infant Earth’ Exhibition

St Kilda based artist Emilie Heurtevent presents her latest works in a very new exhibition called ‘Infant Earth’. Featuring paintings inspired by the environmental issues. Emilie aims to confront the beginning of Earth, when Nature was overriding, with today’s world and how humans are altering it by their actions. Working predominantly in acrylics, Emilie mixes the contrasts and textures to encapsulate the beauty of the subjects that she paints.

Fun Choices down Acland Street  at our Iconic Cake Shops in St Kilda! A delicious moment with Acland's Cake Shops.

When you picture Acland Street, many images come to mind. It is a street rich in history, culture, diversity and culinary exploits. However one cannot go past the rows and rows of intricate mouth watering cakes that are at the heart of Acland Street and its charm.

Cakes in Acland Street have been an ever-evolving business and culture since the opening of Monarch Cakes in 1934. These truly unique cakes are undeniably a signature icon for Acland Street, Saint Kilda, but also Melbourne, and are recognised worldwide.