A fun day in the sun is great; St Kilda has long been established as a unique, interesting and lively summer location.

Well, what’s happening in the winter?

Acland St, St Kilda has also become a warm, comfortable, snug and relaxing place to come, escape and appreciate Melbourne’s winter charm.

There’s so much to do at Acland Street this winter lots to taste, so much to hear and plenty to experience.

Whilst the temperatures hit sub-zero, put on your coat, scarf and gloves, walk down Acland and see what we have to offer.

Well established and long-term Acland favourite, Abbey Road, has seriously set themselves up for the winter chills. They have incorporated mulled wine and cider into their winter repertoire. The chefs have also put together an array of winter warming dishes that are guaranteed to impress and keep you nice and toasty.

A favourite is their must-try famous ‘Hot Pot’, freshly made and full of hearty ingredients that will keep your insides as warm as the heater you’ve been cranking at home.

Come along and sit on their comfortable couches, resting below a real piano elegantly hanging on the wall. They have heaters running outside so that you can enjoy your latte’s and hot chocolate’s right in the midst of Acland, without the chill.

The venue is set up to impress through all seasons.

Just down the street, we have 95 Espresso. A little cosy café that hosts an array of drinking and dining options. Head inside and enjoy their mulled wine, which is newly on offer.

If you’re a café latte drinker you must try their famous ‘Mrs 95’, a combination of a mocha flavour with the balance of creamy coffee and sweet liquor. If you’re after something a bit fancier, you have to try their ‘Mocha Martini’, which is as they elegantly describe as, “When coffee and chocolate get married”.

This quaint little cafe is about as cosy as you can get for a winter drink and a bite to eat. Don’t forget these guys make some of the best coffee in the area, so sit down, relax and forget about the heating bill.

Escape the cold and find the heat at Pablo Honey, situated on the corner of Acland and Carlisle Street. They have beautiful food, matched with innovative cocktails in an environment that is warm, welcoming and entertaining.

As soon as you enter, you can’t help but feel completely at home. As the sun sets, the walls are lit up with an array of candles giving the place a cosy, pleasant, winter feel.

The fireplaces are on around the clock if you’d like to fall into the couches and enjoy a nice warming glass of pinot.

At Pablo, they have over 15 types of wine by the glass with many more available by the bottle.

The series of couches situated at the very front of the restaurant allows you to gaze out the window and watch colourful Acland and all its characters wandering by.

If the venue wasn’t warm enough for you, not to worry. Here these amigos specialize in tequila, that’s right, everyone’s best friend tequila! They have over 40 types, ranging from $9 right up to $200. If you can conquer the master tequila, ‘Claze Azul’, you even get your name on the board… that’s if you can remember how to spell it.

Who could forget LONA Pintox Bar, situated in the heart of St Kilda and boasting one of St Kilda’s largest heated outdoor dining areas. Be prepared for Lona’s unique experience of high-quality pintox, wines, cocktails and dining. This warm and inviting location invites couples and groups to head along for an extended lunch/dinner.

‘Pintox’ is based on a playful and enjoyable type of dining, feel free to use your hands, pick and taste a wide range of flavours, with an emphasis on sharing.

Many of their products from Spain, as well as their own backyard, keeping everything fresh and authentic.

Have you heard of Lona Mondays? Well if you haven’t, then get off the couch; stop being a loner and head to Lona’s. They’ve got $2.50 beer, wine and bubbles; this is when their world-class cosy and heated courtyard comes alive.

As the winter well and truly hits, the team here have developed a delicious, warming winter menu designed to keep you comfortable and content, rain, hail or shine.

On top of this at Lona’s you can get yourself ‘Mulled Sangria’, why not give it a go! What else are these guys doing? Well, they’ve got live music every single day from 8.30pm onwards.

So head down to this winter retreat. Grab a beer or wine with the coins found under your couch. And get bouncing to some live music. This is sure to cure the Monday blues.

Just a few doors down you have ‘Dogs Bar’ which is an ideal winter escape. These guys here cater for long-established local and well-known artists performing every week. Snug, warm and relaxing, why not pop down for a bite to eat, recline on the couches and sip on a beer or cocktail and really appreciate the talent and atmosphere that Acland Street has to offer.

So don’t waste your time this winter, sipping on earl grey, discussing the weather and making summer resolutions that we all know are as likely as ‘The Beatles’ getting back together. Instead, get warm, head down to Acland Street, fill your appetite, quench your thirst and do it in style. Be seen on Acland this winter and see what all the fuss is about!

James Robertson