Project Description

Ray White Real Estate
Level 1, 77 Acland Street
St Kilda VIC 3182

St Kilda is at the heart of the Port Phillip area in Melbourne and Ray White St Kilda is at the heart of local real estate.

Ray White is a 110-year-old family business and Ray White St Kilda has the firsthand benefit of this knowledge and passion thanks to Matt White, the principal director and fourth-generation member of the White family.

Established in 2010, the Ray White office in St Kilda strives to bring results for in the Port Phillip area. The agents are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best result, whether you’re buying, selling or renting property in St Kilda.

A personal service from those in the know

People who have been buying and selling for a long time will tell you that just like you keep returning to the same lawyer or doctor, keeping the same real estate agent is a wise move – and at Ray White St Kilda, we’re committed to making customers for life.

We are dedicated to ensuring that a long-term relationship will yield you results through our wide network of contacts from other Ray White branches. With our contacts in many other agencies around the country, we are poised to bring national attention to your local needs.

Who we are

Brian White, the chairman of Ray White, handpicked the founding members of the St Kilda branch and did so based on personality and drive. Ray White St Kilda cares about the character of our people-but just because that’s the case, don’t think we are not knowledgeable. The team are trained by the best in the business to ensure that our sterling reputation of service and results continue to shine.

We like to say that we hire those who love what they do and that shows in the way we approach our role. Our determination to satisfy our clients is only met with the joy of doing what we do.