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Falafel Xtra
139 Acland Street
St Kilda VIC 3182
T: 03 9525 4877
F: 03 9509 2387

Reviews from Urbanspoon:
super salads!
DINER FROM MELBOURNE • Leish •  19 Reviews
the pick and mix style salad take away tubs were great! u can fit so much more in there than
you realise, the felafels are always fresh, and the salads are quite moreish. a regular lunchbreak
at work place for me

Best Falafels EVER!
DINER FROM MELBOURNE • Waynos •  67 Reviews
I stumbled across this place when I was hungover on a Saturday morning (afternoon) and thought
that it would be a safe healthy option. We were given taste testers when we first which is always
a good sign. The falafels were amazing and we watched them being made so they were nice and fresh.
I think I’ll make this a regular hangover cure.