Luna Park is still one of the most recognisable landmarks that we have in Melbourne today. Its doors opened over a century ago and it’s still going strong, giving countless people fun and excitement throughout the year.

Opening in December 1911, it was in instant success. Live entertainment attracted patrons from all over; you could see acrobats and jugglers, listen to bands and watch performing animals. Some of the attractions are still running today, such as ‘The Carousel’, and ‘The Scenic Railroad’, which still curves its way along St Kilda’s skyline.

Luna Park’s ‘Scenic Railroad’ is the oldest continuously running roller coaster in the world! Opening over one hundred years ago, in 1912. It kept running throughout World War 1 despite other closures in the park.

The famous ‘Carousel’ was moved to Melbourne’s Luna Park after the closure of Sydney’s Luna Park in 1918. It was shipped to Melbourne and is still here today. It’s one of the main attractions boasting 68 horses, 2 roman chariots and 36 cherubs, all beautifully hand painted.

Queen Victoria even visited the park in 1954 as part of her coronation tour.

In 2001 millions were spent on a major upgrade renovation. After five months, it reopened with new attractions as well as restoring the existing, classic amusements.

Luna Park is still thriving and is the perfect place to go and escape for the weekend; to ride, eat, laugh and play in the sun and into the night.

James Robertson