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*** Please note: Session one was held on Friday 13th March, and subsequent sessions will now be facilitated by video demonstrations. ***

Facilitated by PluginHuman, Volunteers and Community members are invited to help investigate ways of making carbon neutral and carbon negative materials; specifically mudbricks.

Participants are encouraged to watch and learn about ways in which materials such as compost, clay, straw and coffee grounds can be bound together to create mud bricks. Video links will be made available for download. Tune in to PluginHuman and EcoCentre for updates.

PluginHUMAN was awarded the 2019 Rupert Bunny Foundation Visual Art Fellowship. This project is funded by the City Of Port Phillip.

Photo: PluginHuman
Betty Sargeant making mud bricks from local materials in the Amazon jungles of Brazil in 2019.